Theory,Judd and drawing

We had a free day yesterday, though we had to attend a drawing meeting at 10.30. Paul, our course leader, talked to us about the many functions of drawing (practice, preparation, storyboarding and more). It reminded me that drawing is just as much an art form as painting. It also got me thinking about what my final project will be.

For the est of the day, I worked on my theory project. First, I had to write a response to Donald Judd’s article on Postmodernism (1984) on my blog. After that, I had another theory reading session with my group. We looked at and discussed the social narrative from Text 3 of the postmodern theory reading sheets. I suggested a link between the social narrative and similar narrative in films. So, I collected images of stills from three films, each one having a social narrative: Taxi Driver, Blade Runner and Clockwork Orange.

I plan to watch driver and runner for reference (I’ve already seen orange, multiple times).

It was a pretty good day, all things considered. I even went to a local pub to say goodbye to Dave, former member of my art group, who is leaving Farnham on Monday. It was a great night out and a perfect way to end the day.


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