Artist Talk and Berlin Discussion

Talk. That word sums up today in a nutshell, nothing but people talking about their work, what influenced them and how I can improve my own work.

First, from 10.30-12.39/40, we had five artists come in and discuss their current and past work. Each artist based their work on a specific theme or bit of news currently going on in the world. These include Repetition, inhibition, suicide, feminism and materialism. Each of these themes greatly influenced the art of the five artists, and continues to influences future projects.

It got me thinking about my own work, how far I have come, my influences, my current amount of work and what I plan to do. I have produced art relating to food, with hints of consumerism thrown in. I have done paintings, drawings and collected food packaging (which I haven’t used yet). The artists have done extensive research into their themes and subjects, either through photography or reading up news articles.


Above: SLide from one of the artists talks: “Material Metamorphosis: The Life Cycle of Carpet Underlay”.

They mentioned how they’re art changed as they went along, going bigger and more ambitious. Taking all this in, I have compiled three ways to build upon my work for the future:

-Research food brands and their effect on mass culture

-Research artists who also produce art based on food

-Expand on food art (drawing, collage and etching)

It was a great series of talks, and will prove beneficial in the development of my artwork.

After lunch, we went to the lecture theatre and had a discussion on the Berlin trip in two weeks. I saw the hostel we’ll be staying in, the places we will go and visit and were advise to pack adaptors (for our phones) and thermals (Berlin will be just as cold as Britain!)

The worst part was the time we will be leaving for the airport:!!! The Horror!

With two weeks left, I still have time to get ready. Kate was nice enough top get me a small suitcase (saves me the trouble of investing in one).

After the Berlin talk, I went back to the studio for another TALK! It was about the actions of my work and reflecting on the way I am developing my work. However, I had a meeting with Jo at 3.30, so I asked if OI could leave early (though honestly I was relieved to leave). My last meeting with Jo wasn’t very good, as I was tired and irritable. But, I was little more relaxed this time and had a great one to one. We talked about my work schedule, theory notes and what to take on the Berlin trip. Overall, I hope to never have another day like this again!


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