Theory reading-group session

This morning, I took down my paintings, and had them rolled up. Afterwards, I went to the library with Kate to continue my theory reading on Postmodernism. I have already highlighted the first part, and now it was time to go over the second. It is the first of 3 critiques in Postmodernism that I need to read: critique of historical narratives, critique of the myth of originality and critique of the grounds of difference. I also had to look up one key figure of Postmodernism, collect an assortment of artwork that relates to said figure and print them off so I will have evidence to backup my research.

Once I finished my readings with Kate, I continued with Jo, who advise me to take my time with all this work and have some fun. This is very true, as I have been extremely stressed, to the point where I keep going to bed late.

After lunch, I had a group theory reading session with Kate, elline, Jo and Angus. We each shared thoughts and notes on postmodern culture, as well as discussed key aspects and artists. I even took out a penguin dictionary of postmodernism to help me understand some of the terms and phrases used.

Elline gave me a very useful book on 20th century art, which features an alphabetical list of artists who are associated with Postmodernism. They include David Hockney, Jasper Johns, Gerard Richter, Jorn Asger, Hans Hofmann and Peter Blake.

This book was very insightful, I couldn’t tear myself away from it. Kate recommended we pick one postmodern artist and print off images of their work to go with all of our research. I choose Jorn Asger, because I love his use of bright colours in his paintings. I also printed off images of Hans Hoffmann, as his art is very similar to Jorn’s art.

Next week, we have a group discussion with our tutor and the rest of the group. Hopefully, I will have finished all of my highlighting and note taking.



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