Peer review

Had my Peer review of all year 1 and 2 work today, where I went around and commented on each piece of art in the studio.

First, I had to form a group and together, we had to review each other’s work. Here is the work of my group:

My favourite is Filip’s demon mural. I like how menacing it is, with the sharp teeth, piercing eyes and horns. I also like how it represents how people are monsters on the inside.

After my group reviews, I went around the studio and commented on the work of the other year 1 and year 2 students, mentioning what worked and didn’t work about their art on coloured post it notes.

Out of all of them, my favourite piece of work is this small hole with spikes in it. If you look inside it, you can see a video playing events from space. It was like viewing the universe through a small door.

Later on, I went to the library and looked up several art galleries I hope to visit during the Berlin trip. I listed a few, and will probably list more. Not much happened for the rest of the afternoon.


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