Critique preperation

No lessons today, But we did have to clean up the studio and get it ready for critique this week. I had to sweep, throw things away and take some of the extra chairs to one of the art studios upstairs.

After that, I got my Rothko paintings, and laid them out with my latest one. I had to leave them with the tutors, and they would decide the best way to display them and wear they should hang, so I choose to have an early lunch.

Once I got back, I saw how my work was arranged:


I like the positioning, leaving them in a grid pattern and not strictly in the middle. Before I could hang them up, I had to wait for the tutors to pick out the best wall for me to use. It was a long wait.

While they discussed where to hang everything, I attended a meeting in one of the lecture rooms, where I was told about Frimley Park Hospital, and how they are looking for new pieces of art to be submitted and displayed around the hospital as part of a new exhibition. I was moved by the level of care and love the hospital provides it’s patients, especially those who are dying. Frimley Park tries to make their final moments as peaceful as possible. The art inside and outside the hospital helps to sooth and reassure the patients, being very therapeutic and makes them feel a bit better. The University is looking for art to be submitted just before Easter, so I have some time to think of new artwork to give to the hospital.

During lunch, I bought a new sharpener, new pens (ball-point) and a new journal to write my reflections in. Once I got back, Kate and I decided to prepare my paintings to be hanged. At first, we wanted to use the clips, just like how my paintings were hung in the Embassy gallery last week. However, after thinking about it more thoroughly, we decided it be better to stick them on the wall instead. Elaine (Jo’s TA) suggested I use double sided sticky velcro, so I went and bought two lengths from the art shop. Once we stuck them on, the tutors were finalising the placement of my artwork. They decided to hang my work near the exit, right in the bottom corner of the bottom room in the studio. After seeing it, I felt it was a great place to put my paintings, as it really draws the viewer’s eyes towards them.


Now that my work is up, I just have to wait for Paul to send me an email about what do to for the rest of the week.


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