New crit painting and theory reading

With crit week approaching, I had to help clean up the studio and take all of my artwork back to my room. My rom is small enough as it is, so bringing all of my studio work back with me will make moving around a bit difficult, at least that what I initially thought. However, after arranging them in different spots in my room, I don’t feel so crowded.

In addition to cleaning up the studio, I decided to produce another Rothko inspired painting for critiquing:


I reverse of my rothko series of paintings, I applied two layers of dark acrylics on top of a canvas painted in white. While applying the brown, I realised that I could have put gray after the white and before the black. Still, the results are pleasing.

Later on today, i finished cleaning my work area by taking the last remaining pieces back to my room, and had enough time to go to the library and read some of my theory notes with Kate. I plan to continue my readings with Jo during our next session.

I hope to get as much rest as possible, since I have have to go back to London over the weekend to get all my stuff. Not looking forward to it.


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