Today, I went back to the Embassy Gallery to look after the young pretenders exhibition. I had to get up pretty early and arrive at 11.30, and I have to go back again this Sunday to collect my work.

Other than that, today was pretty quiet. A few people did turn up to look at our artwork, and ask a few questions about them.

It was an amazing feeling coming back to the gallery, after setting everything up three days earlier. Knowing that my artwork is displayed for Londoners to see and critique, is indescribable. I can’t wait to read the reviews and see what others think of our work.

I promised to post pictures of some of the artwork, and I am a man of my word. Here you go:

IMG_4127Basquiat. Rosie Rance (2016) Pen on paper A3


IMG_4134Deer Painting. Chloe Conway (2016) 30cm x 35cm


Deer Cranium. 50cm x 20cm

IMG_4129Maelstrom. Joslyn Hobbis (2016) Acrylic and ink on board, 120cm x 120cm

IMG_4138Skinny. Laura Whittam (2016) film

IMG_4135Think about it. Filippos Georgiou (2016) 2.9m x 1.5m

If I had to pick my favourite piece of art from the exhibition, it would have to be Filippos’s. I like the strong use of tone and imagery, very imaginative and visually striking. It is a nice metaphor for human nature, in all it’s beastilaity.

If you have any question about the show, please leave a message in the comments section.


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