Drawing and Theory reading

Today, I continued my drawing sketchbook project, as well as my postmodernism theory reading.

Out of the two, I hated the reading the most. But, it is very interesting and I am always ready to learn new things about art and culture, but having the read the same articles and paragraphs over and over is maddening.

Still, at least I’ve made some progress.

I’ve made even more progress on my sketchbook project, drawing more and more on different surfaces. Here is what I have so far:

Using the following drawing tools (pen, pencil, pastel, paint, ink, graphite and craft knife) I drew on a variety of surfaces, including cardboard and a piece of bounty kitchen paper.

I’ve have made real strive with this drawing brief, though I can’t think of any other surface to draw on.

Tomorrow, I am going back to London for my Invigilation. Basically, I have to go back to the Embassy gallery and watch over all the artwork, making sure that no one steals anything. I will post pictures of all the art work on display.


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