Painting and Berlin

No lessons today, so I tried to catch up with the homework Greg gave us, as well as make a quick painting.


In addition, I also continued the drawing sketchbook brief Greg assigned us last year, drawing on anything which isn’t paper and making a sketchbook out of all the different materials.


So far, I’ve drawn on cardboard, a used train ticket and a few grocery receipts.

At 10.30, me and Kate met with Jonathan (member of student services) and together, we discussed what I may need for the upcoming Berlin trip. Jonathan told me that I may need to bring a travel bottle, as a regular bottle could be taken from me at the check-in. I will also need to ring some thermals, at-least three jumpers and a toothbrush I will also have someone taking notes for me. Her name is naomi, and I would meet her later today.

The talk got me thinking about what I will need for the trip, so I plan to start shopping this weekend.

For the rest of the day, I tried to continue with this theory reading brief that Greg assigned us. Kate printed out the theories I need to read, and it is a lot to take in. I hate all the endless text and paragraphs, it feels like the entire page is nothing but text.

joker mad

As you can see, the amount of work I have is driving me mad! But, I will persevere.


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