Exhibition Preperation

This was the big day. Today, I went to London to set hang up my paintings for the big exhibition tonight! I was so excited, I couldn’t wait to go and prepare my space.

Now, in the past I have always gotten myself lost every time I go to London, but this time, I was ready. Thanks to Kate, I had a map to show me the way to the Embassy Tea Gallery. Once I got there, I had to wait outside, as they don’t open until 12.00.


Once the doors were open, we all went inside and waited for instructions from the teachers. Eventually, they told us to get our art out, lay it on the floor and decided where we should hang them.

It felt like I was waiting for hours, but eventually, members of the exhibition committee came and picked a wall for my art to hang. Once my spot was chosen, I got help to hang my work from Rob, one of the employees of the gallery. He measured the height and space between my work and another a few feet across. It took awhile, but once each painting was perfectly aligned with the other, Rob helped me to hang them.


This was a great experience, definitely something to remember when I decided to set up my own solo exhibition. Can’t wait to read the reviews.


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