Collage and post modernism

Today was a very long, and tiring day. First, for my latest drawing project, I didn’t do any drawing at all. Instead, I had to experiment with collage, mixing, subtracting and adding onto two different pictures.

My first attempt was less than satisfying:


I got very angry, but after I calmed down, I tried again and got better results:


As you can see, I used a pizza box for one of my collages. I had hoped to use it for one of my food related paintings, but this is just as good.

Paul was very impressed with my collages, especially the one with the pizza box.

After lunch, we had another theory session, this time preparing us for our next project: Postmodernism. First, I had to form a group and together, we had to research a postmodernist theorist, Roland Barthes semiotic theorist, his quotes and their meanings.

We went to the library and looked up quotes spoken by the theorist, and I even pasted imagery that go with all of them.

The day ended  with each group discussing their findings to the tutor, who gave us a two week project to work on: researching and identifying key facts of postmodernism (how it started, what happened to modernism, is postmodernism still relevant and what are the pros and cons).

Once I have more information, I will update you all, but for now, it had been a long day and I am going to rest.



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