Finishing my paintings

I spent all day working on my paintings, making sure everything was just perfect.

Looking over each one, I noticed that they were either lopsided or didn’t have enough paint on them. I had to go over them several times so they would match, trying to keep my hand as steady as possible as I went over each one.

I also needed to measure the dimensions of my canvases (length, width and height) and send the details to Courtney, a member of my group and also a member of the exhibition planning committee.

It was a very frustrating day, but at last, I was able to finish my third and final painting:


Now, all 3 of my rothko inspired paintings are complete, and now I just need to think about how I am going to hang them come Monday. This is how they are currently presented:


I like it, but Kate insists that I think of something more unique and different. I don’t have to, but presentation must be kept in mind. I am currently thinking of several different ways to hang my paintings, and I should have a clear idea by next week.

For tomorrow’s drawing session, I needed to collect the following: 4 sheets of A4 card (white), spray mount, scalpel/craft knife and a cutting board. I already have a can of spray mount and the knife, and I bought 4 sheets of card from the art shop. Kate will bring in the board for me tomorrow. I think we are going to draw with our blades, and if that is the case, I am actually looking forward to it.



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