I continued to work on my Rothko paintings today, as well as pay £20 to help fund our exhibition. It has been very stressful for everyone, teachers included. However, we have made some advancement in our work.

With Kate’s help, I have already hung my first painting on the wall:


Today, I have already finished my second painting:


I have one more to do, and then am ready to send it to the gallery for next week.

We also had two second year students come in and talk to us about their portfolio of work, what inspired them to be artists, how they handled their first exhibition and advice on where we can take our own artwork in the future. It was much to take in, but kate took note as usual (at-least for the first talk). It seems like most of the time, I’m having more and more people talk to me instead of just letting me get on with the artwork.

I had a talk with the year 2’s and one of them gave me some helpful advice on how to present my paintings for the exhibition. I also needed to name my series, which I just left as untitled, though I did put “Rothko series” besides it.

It has been a very exhausting day, and next week won’t be any better. I have go to London, walk to our venue (Embassy tea rooms) and help set up our show. I have to go back two more times in the same week! I am not going to get any rest this year. am I?


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