Exhibition deadline

The london exhibition is fast approaching. I need to contribute to the exhibition this week, by helping to raise funds and produce a painting that will go on display. I need to work non-stop this week, no distractions.

So far, I’ve done very well. I plan on giving Angus my Costa Coffee painting to be framed and sold in the market this weekend. Also, I started to develop my exhibition painting.

I decided to base it on one of the painting in my sketchbook:

Initially, I tried to produce something original (image on left), but as you can see, it wold have taken me half of the week. I tried to do a painting based on work from my sketchbook, but it just didn’t feel right.

After thinking about it, I was approached by one of my tutors, who suggested I use canvas in place of paper, as it lasts alot longer. I agreed, but I| had to buy some canvas from Ellen (new tutor on course). Once I got it, I started to develop my painting, this time based on the style of Mark Rothko, one of the artists that I have looked at as part of my contextual studies.


Putting a huge amounts of black acrylic paint on the canvas was extensive, but rewarding. The colours blend into each other very well, showing strong use of composition and spacing.

I plan to do two more similar paintings tomorrow, and pick the best one out of the three and put it up in the show. I also need to pick a space to hang my painting. I also plan to research Andy Warhol, as he is one of many post-modernist artists that I will be looking at for part 2 of our contextual studies.

Tomorrow, our tutors will tell us more about the final details to prepare for the show. This week is going to be a pain.


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