Digital photography and printer

Didn’t do any artwork today. But, I did attend a workshop on digital photography. I’ve done photography before, but this was the first time I was given a detailed look into how a digital camera works, from field of depth to timing of shutter.


There was a ton of information to digest, fortunately, Kate was there to take notes. I might attend another digital workshop in the future, but for now, I am sticking to my painting.

ALso, I discussed my upcoming essay with Jo, and she suggested I take out a book on painting (which was also recommended in my studio brief leaflet). I took it out and read some of it, and it is very good. This will prove useful in preparing for my essay in the next few months.

Late ron, I had another IT session with Jonathan, who helped me look at my printer, which has been acting up lately. We had call remtek, who said they will send someone over to take it away and get it fixed. We also looked at some of the software that was put on my laptop last year. Some of it is good, but I might not have a use for the rest.

Next week, we begin our essay and evaluations for part one of our degree course.


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