Drawing and Presentation

What a day. First, I had my latest drawing project, where I had to produce 3 observational drawings with 3 different materials. And I had to do it without using my hands.

Using various parts of my body and appendages (elbow, teeth, foot and the left side of my glasses) I produced these 3 observational drawings:


Top to bottom: Scissors (lipstick, pencil and pastel), watch (foot, lipstick and pastel) and red acrylic paint tube (acrylic paint, lipstick and pastel).

I had to be very innovative during this project.


Using the masking tape, I attached this chalk pastel to the end of my paint brush, and stuck them both to my right elbow and drew the handles of the scissors and coloured in the black strip on the tube of red acrylic. I did something similar when drawing the hands and numbers of my watch, but instead of my elbow, I attached the pastel to the side of my glasses and drew them in, while I was still wearing them. It was a pain of my eyes to say the least.

I hated this project at first (shocker) but as I went along with it, I really started to enjoy it. I keep forgetting that I am an artist, I need to be innovative.

Once this was finished, I had to hand in my exhibition reviews and present my powerpoint. Unfortunately, |I just realised that I forgot to print out my notes. I had to go to the library and print them out. Once that was settled, I was able to present my work to the group and my tutor. They all loved the way I presented my slideshow, noting the eye contact I made while talking, and the photographs from the exhibitions.

It was a good day overall, though am not looking forward to tomorrow. Be warned, my I might be in a bad mood when I post my next blog post.


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