Review and Costa Painting

I finally got to present all my Christmas work to my tutor and several students. They all liked my work, comparing it to the work of other artists, and suggested I expand on certain aspects of it. Specifically, my tutor suggested I expand the theme of commercial food brands and products, relate them to natural and organic food like bananas and oranges. I am considering doing more paintings that relate to food brands and businesses.

Prior to my review, our tutor pushed to give more money to support the venue which will host our upcoming exhibition at the end of this month. Angus (student in my art group) suggested that he sell some of our artwork in the market. Spurred on by this discussion, I decided to finish my costa coffee painting and give it to Angus to sell in the market on Sunday.


Because I am running low on black and white acrylics, I bought two, large tubes from the student art shop. I plan to fill the entire page with coffee beans. I did this for the rest of the afternoon (12-4).

I plan to continue this tomorrow.


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