End o week-Conclusion of food paintings and presentation practice

With the end of week now upon us, it was time to finish my Christmas homework. I started the morning by finishing my magnum painting:


From the image above, the oil paints I used look very smooth. However, I can’t stand the smell and my mask didn’t do much to block it out. Still, I made great progress with food paintings and I plan to expand further in the coming weeks.

The next painting I did was base don my drawing of the Nando’s logo and a bottle of extra hot nando sauce:


I decided to use a combination of red acrylic and black oil paints for this painting. It took about half the afternoon to finish (though I may be exaggerating). As good as this is, I learn from katie that this is more developmental, and not a possible final piece. I seem to have mixed up the meaning of developmental and practice. Most of my sketchbook is filled with primary sketches, whereas I have only produced 5 developmental paintings, which means I have only 31 pieces to finish by next week. This is very frustrating, because I put so much hard work into these paintings. Just have to wait and see what they say next week.

Also, I practiced my powerpoint for next week with Jo. She liked it, though suggested that I should accept the feedback of others more positively.

My first week back, and it reminded me why I was looking forward to Christmas!


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