Kellogg’s portrait and presentation surgery

I only have to do 3 more possible outcomes and two more developmental pieces in my sketchbook. Today, I did one developmental and one outcome, each based on the Kellogg’s mascot.

First, I did a drawing of the mascot, as well as the Kellogg’s logo, into my sketchbook and painted them afterwards. I tried my best to get the proportions just right, but I was off by a few inches. Still, the drawing came out very well, and the acrylics really brought it to life.

I decided to produce a large, scale portrait of the mascot on a sheet of A1, bowl included.


It is currently incomplete at the moment, and I don’t know whether am going to finish it or not. I want to, but I am having a tough time drawing all the pieces of frosty flakes in the bowl, as well as all the milk splashing and sloshing around.  Being accurate can be a pain sometimes. I might finish it tomorrow or next week, but for now, I will move on to my next painting.

After lunch, we had a discussion with Paul about our upcoming presentations. He gave us advice on how we should approach our presentations, what to include and what kind of exhibitions we should go to. He also talked about how we will have to interview contemporary artists in year two of our course, and tat we should start to practice asking questions soon. I asked about the upcoming Berlin trip, and whether I should pay anymore money in. Paul says I don’t have to, which is a relief.


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