M logo, Smell of Turpentine and Presentation

I finally bought a box of oil paints and turpentine from the art shop, though the oils turned out to be rather small. I will have to buy bigger tubes in the future. ALso, the smell of turpentine was so strong I had to cover my mouth and nose. Despite that, I managed to produce a large oil painting of the Mcdonald’s logo:


I did go over the lines a few times, but the final outcome was very good.

I also met my new teaching assistant for my Wednesday and Friday one-to-ones, Jo. She is very nice and looks forward to working with me.

I began work on a powerpoint presentation for my contextual studies brief. It is about one of the exhibitions I went to during the Christmas holidays.

Near the end of the day, I continued to paint with both oil and acrylic paint. Tomorrow, we don’t have drawing so I can continue with my paintings uninterrupted.


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