Back to the studio-First day back

My first day back in the art studio, and so far, I’ve gotten off to a decent start. Now, like everyone else, I hate coming back so early from Christmas break, but At-least I’ve managed to produce a huge amount of primary research for my Christmas project.

I spent the day painting some of the drawings I made during the break, trying to be as accurate as possible. I even drew new images and took pictures of more food to add to my growing collection of primary research:


I tried to print out some of the pictures I took over Christmas today, but it seems every printer wants to act like a complete dick to me. So far, I haven’t been able to print off my food pictures, but I was able to print off all of my art exhibition reviews. I just need to produce a Powerpoint based on at-least one of them (Frank Auerbach).

Near the end of the session, we had a meeting to discuss plans for a fundraiser. The fundraiser is to raise enough money so we can pay for our venue in London, and host our big exhibition at the end of this month.

I was asked to collect money while I was away, but I forgot. I can still donate some of my money for the fundraiser, or at-least help organise it by advertising it.

Overall, the first day back wasn’t too bad, though am not looking forward to the rest of the week (or this month).


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