Christmas work-reviews and food

Since it is the Christmas holidays, I haven’t been posting a lot of posts on my blog. But, I have not forgotten the promise to update you with my work over the break.

So, here my quick overview of what I have done over the Christmas break:

For my contextual and historical brief of my fine art degree, I had to go to London, visit 3 art exhibitions and review the work of at-least ONE living contemporary artist, whose work is on display. The first artist I reviewed was Frank Auerbach’s exhibition at the Tate Britain. This was before I left university. Once I got back home, I went to London, twice this month and reviewed the work of Jonas Wood (Saatchi Gallery) and Peter Blake (Waddington Gallery). The journeys to both galleries were long, and trying to find them was a nightmare. But, now that I have finished my reviews (still working on the third), I can now put all my focus on my second Christmas project. As for the exhibitions themselves,they were brilliant. The art on display was amazing, and I highly recommend anyone who is interested in fine art to go to at-least one of these shows before next year.

Before I go back in January, I have to produce over 100 pieces of primary research on a specific theme, which I will further develop once I return to UCA. My Primary research has to be recorded through drawing, photography, recording and more. So far, I have used drawing and photography to record my work.

At first, I had trouble deciding the theme I wanted to do research on. At first, I thought about doing a theme around my graphic novels, but I didn’t think drawings of books would be exciting. However, during my first week back, I was thinking about what to eat and then I realise what my theme could be about: Food. I always think about what to eat (breakfast, lunch and dinner, with the occasional snack).Food comes in a variety of forms, and I could produce so many paintings and portraits based on all the food I’ve seen and ate during the break.

So far, I have taken loads of pictures of food around the house, in town and in London and have drawn half of them inside my sketchbook. I plan to print out all of my photograph  and paint most of my food drawings before I go back to University.

I will upload all of my drawings on Instagram for all to see after Christmas day.

In fact, from now on, I will be uploading all of my pictures on instagram. These will range from my own art to images and pictures of my favorite characters from anime and comics. Here is the link:


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