Con art 35-Leaving for Christmas

Since I’m up to date on all my work for the studio, I decided to ask Kate to help me sort out my folder. I have loads of notes and documents and my folder cannot take the strain, so Kate suggested I buy another folder from the art shop, which I did. Kate would also organise all my notes for each folder. Thanks to her, I am more organised than I was before.

After I had my lunch, I went to see Fiona one last time, hoping to meet her replacement. Unfortunately, she was still ill, so I just said my goodbyes to Fiona before she left for maternity leave.

I went back to my room, and waited for my IT trainer, Jonathan, so we could look at my printer and download my recent audio files from my digital recorder onto my laptop. We were going to work till at-least 4.00, but my mum called and suggested I come home for the holidays tonight. I said yeas, told John and we agreed to meet again in the new year.

Overall, my first year on my degree course has been good. I am more determined than ever to continue my work and become a fine artist.During the break, I will be continuing my unit work, as well as my exhibition reviews, which I will post on my blog. I will also be posting more “personal” posts I’ve wanted to do for a awhile now.

Thanks for following me all this time, I look forward to continuing my blog into the new year.

Merry Christmas.


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