Con art 33-Paintings and Drawings

It was all work today. Not only did I continue my  paintings, I also continue my free flowing drawing project. For free flowing, I have to do a series of observational drawings, but I mustn’t use my sketchbook. I can only use anythings I can get my hands on. So far, I have drawn on my glasses case, two train tickets, a waterstones voucher card wallet, a piece of blue paper, the back of my recently purchased soft pastels, the side of a ariel washing box and on one of boxes from the studio. Here are pictures of each of my drawings so far:









The only trouble I have at the moment is deciding on what to draw on next. I have some ideas (on my wall, my folder, a plate and on my laptop). I will continue my drawings during the Christmas break. As for my drawings so far, they are very good, with a nice use of scale and composition.

My paintings are coming along nicely, but I feel I could do so much more with them.

IMG_3789Based on the screen prints of Andy Warhol, someone who I plan on doing research on in the future. I hope to buy canvas during the break and painting larger scale versions of my sketch paintings.

I did take my paintings a step frher, by painting on a fat face bag, and on a collage background of receipts from waitrose and sainsbury.

The image on the right is based on my final outcome from my foundation work last year, while the on eon the left is pretty self explanatory. I am particularly proud of my shopping painting, as it really emphasises my appetite and my desire to eat as much food as possible.


For my final painting of the day, I painted the outlines of one of my Etruscan helmets. I really want to contrast the variety of colours I use, but I am running out of acrylic paints. I need to buy more, along with oil paints.

It has been a very productive day in the studio.

Note: I wrote down the names of several art exhibitions to go and see during the Christmas holidays.


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