Con day 31-Review and Painting

This morning, Amanda gave us each a new assignment to work on during the Christmas break. Based on our theme from our crit work, we have to gather primary research through, drawing, photograph, recording, painting, collage, collecting and more. By the time we come back for January, we need to have amassed at least 100 pieces of work based on our primary research. We also have to continue our exhibition reviews.

After that, she broke us up into groups and arranged for Andrea to review all of our final outcomes from our studio work.

I was in group 1,so we went first for our group review.

When we got to my work, I explained what it was, and why I did it. They all really liked my outcomes and offered different interpretations of my theme, some of which I never even thought about.

After lunch, I thought about what to do for the rest of the day, since I didn’t have anything else to do for the day, except for continuing my painting style. For my next painting, I decided to mix my acrylics with my pastels, but since my pastels are worn out by now, I decided to buy a new set from the art shop. However, I bought a set of soft pastels instead of oil pastels. Still, the soft pastels are too good to return, so I decided to keep them. The style of this painting would be based on my first one, with four drawings of the same image in four squares, and a background with either acrylics or pastels.


I have only 3 out of four for today.

With only 5 days left before Christmas, I must crack on with my paintings.


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