Con Art-Paper suit and lecture

Today, I took part in my most active drawing project to date. Using  several pieces of the A1 paper I bought this week, I had to construct a suit, and walking around Farnham wearing it. Because the paper is flimsy and loose, I had Kate tape the paper to my body (she was on hand with more tape just in case). Once I had my suit on, I ventured out into town and walked around Farnham On the way, I bought a new belt, but I found out that loads of belts cost a ridiculous amount of money, around £60. Eventually, I went to parts of Farnham I’ve never been to before, and the sights were beautiful. I had to mark my paper against various things, like trees and roll around in the mud and sand. At first, I was apprehensive against rolling in the ground, but near the end I decided  immerse myself in the project and rolling around on the ground, making angels and rending to swim.

Once I got back inside, I had to mount my suit onto the wall of my space:


I also had to stick plasticine onto the bottom of my boots. collecting bits from the ground as I walked around Farnham.


Later on, we looked around the studio and saw the suits of the other students.

AFter lunch, we had another lecture, this time on structures and systems in Modernism (1956-70). The lecture covers the cold world, capitalism and clips from various films, including semiotics of the kitchen (1975) and a clip from Apocalypse now  (1979).

It was a very informative talk.

Afterwards, we had a critique of our responses to our final outcomes from the critique exhibition. When we got to my response, the group really liked my work,especially the consistency of my purple hat.

For the last part of the day, we had a talk from Paul Jonathan, a well known artist.

It was a fun talk, but unfortunately, he already an exhibition a few years ago, and he won’t have another until September of next year.


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