Con Art day-Craig martin exhibition

Since I had no lesson today, I decided to go to London with Kate, and visit the Michael Craig Martin exhibition in the Serpentine gallery for my art show reviews. It was another great art show, with a consistent theme and a variety of colours on display.IMG_3744

The image above is my favourite painting from the exhibition. Titled “Eye of the Storm” it depicts a scene of a cluttered mess, with various objects strewn about the canvas. I love the use of strong, vivid colours to differentiate all the objects on the canvas, as well as the expert use of scale and composition.

After our first look, we went to have our lunch, and then went to browse around the winter wonderland fair, located in hyde park. It had everything, rides, circus and food stands as far as the eye could see. Oh, it also had this:


AFterwards, we went back to the gallery for another look round the exhibition. I even interviewed two people (a student and a curator) and asked them what they thought of the show. The reason I did this is because I wanted to hear what others thought of Martin’s work, and they’re thought will be very helpful when I start writing my review.

After we had looked enough, we made our way to to the underground and got on a tube for Waterloo.

It was a great day out. And after seeing the wonderland, I plan to go again, this time with my sisters.


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