Con Art day 27-Painting, Andy Warhol style

SInce I had no official studio work today, I decided to spend the day working on my style. First, I went into farnham and bought two things for this week’s drawing project (sticky back plastic and blue tack). I just need to find and buy plasticine.

I spent the rest of the day working on my painting style, this time in the style of Warhol’s prints.

For my first drawing of the day, I drew and painted an image of my etruscan helmet inside my sketchbook. Wanting to expand, I decided to move to A1 paper for all future paintings.

SInce Kate had to leave early, I had Joe’s TA, Lucy, find several sheets of A1 paper for me to use to further develop my style.

For my first mural, it is based on the black tape silhouette Joslyn made during our second drawing project, I used acrylic paint again, but the more I used it, the more it became apparent that acrylic just isn’t working for me anymore. I still like acrylic, but I constantly have to add water to keep the viscosity and stop it drying. Not only that, but the pages are starting to curls and damp. Still, the paintings turn out very well:


After today, I am planning to switch to oil paints indefinitely for all portraits and murals going into next year.


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