Con Art day 26-Presentation and oil paint

I finally got to do my presentation on my studio work. I was so excited, I just couldn’t wait to go up and present all my work to the group.

When I was called up, I was clear, to the point and constantly on the move (my teacher pointed out that I was the only one who actually moved about during my presentation, while everyone else just sat down). The teacher was very impressed with the way I conducted my presentation, though she did suggest that I type the names of the art I included at the bottom of the screen.

The other presentations were all very informative and diverse, showing the lengths of research that the other students have conducted. I also took down the names of several artists that caught my interest during each presentation, so I may look at their artwork for future reference and research.

After my presentation was finished, I was told I could work on my own stuff for the rest of the afternoon. So, I decided to further develop my art style, this time taking inspiration from Frank Auerbach. Auerbach has been on my mind ever since I went to his exhibition, and his artwork is so amazing to look at. I want to become a great painter like him, but develop it into my own style of painting.

For my first painting, I used a tube of red oil paint, which was a first for me. I bought the tube a year ago, but never got the chance to use it until now. It is very different from acrylic, because I need to use a solvent, turpentine, to add more viscosity to it. I learned this the hard way, when I tried to mix oil and water together. I wanted to see if I could remove the oil with water, but I couldn’t. Next time, I will have turpentine on me. Fortunately, Kate got me some turpentine and I was able to paint with the oil.

Right away, I saw how smooth and polished the oil paint was compared to the acrylic. I still like using acrylic paint, but I can see why most modern artist choose oil, as it yield better results. I plan on buying some oil paints this week, hopefully tomorrow, along with a bottle of turpentine.

I did use some acrylic on other sections of my painting, and the results were stunning:


I will definitely be using acrylic and oil together in the future.

SInce I had free time on my hands, I decided to paint one of my plaster casts:


As you can see, the acrylic goes very well with the plaster, showing a good use of tone and texture.

I did one more painting inside my sketchbook, but decided to use acrylics, as I currently have only one tube of red oil paint.

Overall, this was a great start to the week.


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