Con Art day 25-Response to crit

For my response to my exhibition work, I decided to scan and photocopy 3 A1 size pictures of myself, and paint over them. Honestly, after looking at the paintings of Frank Auerbach and Van goth, I’m beginning to realise that painting is my chosen medium.As much as I wanted to work on the clay, I felt more comfortable doing paintings.

First, I printed a picture of myself (the same image I’ve used during my studio work) and had it scan and photocopied to A1 size at the print bureau (Note: I’ve seen the bureau, but never actually gone in).

Once the copy had dried a little, I used an assortment of acrylics to paint all over my picture. The colours and tones contrasted very well against each other, and the brushstrokes looked very smooth.

At first, I didn’t know what to do afterwards, but after awhile, I decided to do two more photocopy paintings.

I used different acrylics for the other two, and reused previous ones for specific spots on my pictures. I mixed loads of paints together, as I didn’t want to see the same shades or tones. I especially didn’t want to see any parts of my pictures without paint. I wanted to cover everything.

I even had time to print out my powerpoint again, but with some alterations this time.


I am very pleased with myself. After yesterday, I didn’t think I wanted to continue fine art, but I can never leave it. Because fine art is too much fun.



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