Con Art day 24-Critique

Still thinking about the post it note from last evening, I was very miserable and stressed. Fortunately, Kate was around to remind me that my work is good, it just that I didn’t do enough experimenting or explored other materials for my masks. If anything, the person who criticised my work has made me more determined to put more effort into future projects.

As for the rest of the day, we went around the studio and critiqued the work of several of the students.

Here are pictures of the outcomes we critiqued today:





Each outcome was very good, showing a good use of materials and technique, as well as strong creativity and effort. It makes me want to put more effort into my own work. Fortunately, I have the chance. Our tutor,George, tasked us to produced a 24-hour response to our crit work, and they have to be finished by tomorrow.

Initially, I started work on a clay response to my masks. I took several large chunks of clay and moulded them until I had formed a head, or at-least a shape that resembles a head:


I added more clay for the top and lower half of the head, but I got so frustrated trying to mold it, I decided to switch to painting. Honestly, I think I prefer painting over anything 3-D. I might continue my work on the clay head, but for tonight, I will try to get an image for my painted response.

Hopefully, I will focus more on my fine art from now on.



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