Con Art day 23-Hunt for art exhibitions

Not much art-work today, but I did make progress in my powerpoint presentation for next week. I plan on printing out the slides with text, making it easier to talk about the slides with imagery.

I also went to the studio and heard some of the critique for the year 2 and year 3 students. It was a preview of what to expect for tomorrow’s critique.

I also made plans to go to the following exhibitions for my art reviews. it wasn’t easy trying to find art exhibitions that relate to Modernism, but eventually, I was able to find 3 exhibitions that appeal to me:

-Frank Auerbach, Tate Britain

-Goya exhibition, National Gallery

-Michael Craig-Martin: Transience, Serpentine Gallery.

I plan to visit the Tate Britain and the serpentine either this Friday or Saturday. Kate was kind enough to print out directions to the each gallery.

Before going back to my room, I went back to the studio to check on my outcomes. When I got there, I found that my work has been reviewed by two people. One was positive, but the other….

Whoever wrote the negative response called my work amateurish and didn’t think I put enough effort into it. Looking at my masks, I think they are right. I never really put enough effort into my art work. I put more effort into my foundation work last year, and that was before I went to degree. I don’t think am cut out for fine art afterall.


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