Contemporary Art day 22-Critique

I finally got to hang all my masks up, with some help from Kate. Some were more difficult than others, but eventually we got them all to hang on the wall.


Once that was done, I had my first group critique of the exhibition. My group had to pick a theme that relates to one piece of art on display in the exhibition (my masks), research artists who incorporate the theme in their artwork, and connect it to our own final outcomes

I formed a group with Kate and Courtney, and together, we researched the theme of “trauma” in art. I have looked at the work of various artists who have been through a trauma and made art from it, such as Van Goth and Edvard Munch. I did exclusive research on Munch and his tragic past: Mother died from illness, sister died before at 15 years old, and raised by a father who was mentally ill.

My group also looked at exhibitions and art shows with art based around trauma in some form or another (physical or mental).

Once we had finished our research, we each had to present what we had done to the rest of the studio. Courtney went first, and I went second. We each compared our outcomes to the themes of trauma: I compared the physical trauma of my disfigurement and identity masks to the trauma shown in Munch’s paintings.

It was a good presentation, and a nice practice run before my own presentation next week.








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