Contemporary Art day 21-Setting up critique exhibition

Today, we had to set up our spaces for this week’s critique exhibition. First, we all had to clean up the studio and remove anything that isn’t being used. I had to mop, sweep, dust and throw away rubbish around the studio. It was annoying, but necessary.

IMG_3674Floor being cleaned.

Once the cleaning was done, we each had to pick our own space to display our final outcomes. Initially, I chose to hand my masks on a wall next to R4, but it looked to small and cramped. Fortunately, someone suggested I move to one of the bigger walls in the back-room, at the end of the studio.

IMG_3676My wall.

My plan is to drill five holes into the wall, stick wall plugs into the holes and place fives screws into each hole, drill them into place and hang my masks from each one.

The drilling was challenging, as I had to make sure that the holes were deep enough for each plug to fit into. If that wasn’t enough, I had to make small holes into the sides of each of my masks and run fish wire through them. This will make sure that the masks stay in place once I hang them. This was really difficult, as I have to tie several knots into the wires, in order to keep them from slipping out.

In the end, with Kate’s help, I was only able to masks onto the wall. It was originally three, but it keeps falling off.


I still have time to hang my other masks, so for now, I’ve decided to leave it until tomorrow.



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