Contemporary art day 20-Clean up, presentation and training

First thing this morning, I went to the library and printed out two artist research documents (Dryden Goodwin and Anzeri). I tried to print out Douglas Gordon, but I decided to save it until tomorrow. I also continued to work on my powerpoint presentation. It is coming along nicely, and soon, I plan to practice my presentation and see if I need to improve on anything.

I went to the Kawaii exhibition and took more pictures of art on display, as well as descriptions of the artists. I made a start on my first art exhibition review, but I don’t have to hand it in until January, so i still have time to work on it. Here is another picture from the exhibition:IMG_3633Mitsuo Toyazaki, 2015. Figure, clay, bonsai pot, wood pedestal.

At 12.00, I went to the studio to clean up my space, and take all the work that won’t be part of the exhibition back to my room. I made sure to put my masks somewhere safe within the studio.

Once I had moved everything from the studio to my room, I waited for my IT equipment trainer, Jonathan, to arrive and show me how to set up and use my IT equipment. The equipment includes a printer and a digital recorder.

Setting up the printer was easy, but we couldn’t get anything to print, so I had to contact Remtek (the people who supplied me with the equipment) and have a technician take over.

While he was busy doing that, Jonathan showed me how to use my  new digital recorder. He showed me how to record, upload files and folders from it onto my laptop and to mark each of my recordings. It was very straightforward and not as difficult as I thought it be. Once the technician was finished installing my printer, we printed out one document with a single sentence typed on it.

After we finished our session, we scheduled our next session for December 11, which is 3 weeks from now.

Overall, it was a pretty good day. Me and Jonathan got on very well, and now I can record my lectures more easily. Next week, I will hang up my masks for the exhibition.



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