Contemporary art day 19-Drawing and Abstract

For today’s drawing project, I had to draw 50 different lines on a sheet of A1 paper.


After drawing all these lines, I had to pick ten that I feel reflect my character , or at least appeals to me because of how they look. Using the thesaurus that Kate brought in, I looked up specific words and phrases that went with each of my ten lines (examples, the line going sideways could means sidewards).

After choosing the ten lines, I had to pick 5 that relate to me, and draw a portrait of myself, using a mirror I brought in to give me a clear idea as to what my head looks like so I can get the shape exactly right.

IMG_3624 I chose the following lines because they each relate to a word or phrase that makes up my personality and character:

Zig-Zag because my mind is always zig-zagging from one thought to another, divide line for when I am divided between what I want and what I need, short line for my short temper, lighting bolt for my energetic behaviour and start/stop line for when I always try to start something. but stop halfway through or before I even start. For each line, I had to use a different drawing tool or material: chalk for divide, ink for start/stop, marker for zigzag, pen for short line and graphite stick for lighting bolt.

I had to make sure that my portrait doesn’t have an outline, and that the lines are coming outward and not inward. I also had to make sure that when drawing all these lines, they make up where my eyes, nose and mouth are on my face.

IMG_3626For my second line drawing, I had to use lines that represent aspects that I don’t see in myself: Slanting line because I don’t like things that are slanted or crooked, fluid line for calm, curly line for fun and enjoyment, straight line for perfection and wavy line for peace waves. The drawing tools I used for each line are the following: paint for slant line, chalk for curly line, graphite for wave line, ink for fluid and marker for straight.

I liked it at first, but my tutor told me to make another because the drawing above had an outline, and these drawing mustn’t have outlines.

I got very frustrated at first, but after I calmed down, I made another drawing, and it was an improvement after the last one:



After lunch, we had a lecture inside Room 4 inside the studio and Paul, our course leader, talked to us about abstract expressionism and the artists who are associated with it, including Jackson pollock, Rothko and Franz Kline. I love it when Paul is giving the presentation/lecture, as he always gets his point across in a very fast paced manner and is having so much fun. And I really enjoyed this talk, because most of the artists he talked about were painters, and their painting were diverse, creative and ground-breaking. I plan on doing research on at least two of them in the future.

Overall, another good drawing project. In-fact, this is the first “drawing” project where I got to do some actual drawing!




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