Contemporary art day 18-Presentation and Plaster Mound

Since I have finished my final outcomes, I decided to to continue my work on my artist research and presentation. I didn’t get far with the research, but I did managed to show both Kate and Fiona my presentation. Both liked how far I had gotten with it, though Fiona suggested I add more images of the artwork of the artists who influenced my studio work. Other than that, my powerpoint is coming along nicely.

With nothing important to do in the studio, I decided to work on my previous pieces of art. First, I painted my A3 sheet with prints of my smiles (this was left over from my screen printing response). Using various acrylic paints, I painted the lips, and gums in different colours.

IMG_3615The different colours blend very well with each other, very reminiscent of Andy Warhol’s screen prints.

The next piece of art of made was another plaster cast. After the left over mound from my last plaster cast, I decided to make another one. First, after mixing the water and plaster together, I left it in the bucket for a few minutes and once it has dried, I took it out of the bucket.


Once the mound was dry enough, I used my leftover acrylic paints to coat my mound, though I had to add more amounts of blue, red and more colour


I think I might continue to make more plaster mounds and paint them, or even coat them in collage or paper mache. The possibilities are endless.

I had loads of fun making these, first time I have enjoyed myself since this unit has started. Art is meant to be fun and relaxing, not stressful and frustrating. Yes, I enjoyed the unit, but I rather do more art in my free time than art assigned to me.



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