Contemporary art day 17-Masking Tape and cut out

Having finished my primary mask work yesterday, I felt like I had nothing left to do. But, my TA Kate suggested I use masking tape on my only clean mask, so that it would resemble a mummy or someone who just had plastic surgery. I thought it was a good idea and proceed to wrap my mask in masking tape.

IMG_3609It turn out very well, and while Kate suggested I add more to it, I prefer the more natural look and decided to leave it as it is.

I then turn to the mask which I cut yesterday. I wanted to try and do something with it, cutting out the rest of the portion of the face, leaving only an empty space were the face use to be. Encouraged by Kate, I used my scissors to remove the remaining portions of the mask’s face and this is the result:

IMG_3610Whereas the other face have something built onto their faces, this removes everything, and leave nothing but an empty space, leaving the identity of the person unknown.

Looking over all my masks together, it create a nice narrative that shows the progression of my work and amounts of “disfigurements” and their levels of severity.


I just need to decided where to hang my masks in time for next week’s critique. I spent the rest of the afternoon working on my power point presentation of all my studio work and my outcomes, as well as the context, concept, progression and realization of the outcomes.

I also read several paragraphs of The Lower Depths, a story about the lower class and how their circumstances affects them all.

Made some progress on all my studio work, though I plan to do more tomorrow, hopefully.




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