Contemporary art day 16-Plaster and icing

As I learned today, I must have at least one final outcome from all my recent studio work hung up for display by next week. With that in mind, I began to work on my masks:

IMG_3593First, I painted my first mask to resemble a victim of a fire. I had to look at examples of burnt victims and charred skin as context, and most of them were hard to look at. Still, I think my painting came out very well, with the paper mache mixing well with the paint.

I then began work on my second mask:

IMG_3599I wanted it to resemble the cut-out photographs of Gordon, but that style only works for photographs.Still, at least I tried.

My next mask work was my most ambitious: smearing chocolate icing all over my third mask, in order to make it look like someone with a tumor growing on his face.

IMG_3600Unfortunately, the icing was too smooth and not lumpy enough. I hate spending my money, but I’ve wanted to use icing in my work ever since the critique with my helmet. It was a nice attempt, even thought the results were not to my liking.

Eventually, I decided to buy two more masks for more possible outcomes. While I still don’t know what to do with the fifth mask, I tried my tumor art with plaster cast instead of icing. I should have used plaster in the first place, because it’s free and it has the perfect, lumpy texture for a tumor.

IMG_3602This looks so much better.

Afterwards, once the plaster has dried, I removed the residue from the bucket and this came out:

IMG_3603It reminds me of Joe’s mound from his exhibition. It looked too good to throw away, so I decided to keep it and paint it, along with my tumor mask.

IMG_3606Tumor on face

In addition to my mask work, I also finished my Actors gallery (RIP) and hung it on my wall:


Overall, it was a another productive day. I just need to think long and hard about my final outcome for next week. I also need to bring in more drawing equipment for this Thursday’s drawing project.


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