Contemporary art extra day-Masks and Paper-mache

It was open day for the University on Saturday, and families came over to look at all the different courses, the classrooms, the flats and main halls, and more. Lucky for me, the studio was also open, which meant I could make up for the lack of studio work from Friday. I went to the local art shop in Farnham, and tried to buy a mannequin’s head for my art. My plan was to incorporate it into my contemporary practice and disfigure it. However, the shop didn’t sell any mannequin heads, so I bought 3 masks instead. These are even better, more light and no facial features, just blank expressions.

As I made my way to the studio, I thought about how I was going to work with these masks. I decided to play with the first two and the third would be my final outcome.


Initially, I thought about painting my first mask, but I’ve done so much painting, I decided to take it a step further and cover one half of the mask in paper-mache. I haven’t done paper mache in years, but I still remember how to make it. I spent the rest of the morning and early afternoon putting paper-mache on one half of my mask, and this is the result:


I had so much fun doing this, and to think, I was hesitant about doing it because I was afraid I was going to make a mistake. It goes to show that sometimes, you just need to make art. Once the paper-mache side is dry, I will paint it to resemble burned skin.

The next thing I did was the continuation of my actors disfigurement and concealment work, but this time I wouldn’t be using paint. Instead, I decided to emulate the style of Douglas Gordon, another artist whose work I’ve done research on for my unit. Before I could go any further, I had to leave and meet my dad for lunch. Because of the poor weather, we decided to eat in the canteen, which was also open because of the open day. We had a great time together, and I even got to show him my work space in the studio. He loved my artwork, and even took some pictures on his phone.

After we said our goodbyes, I continued with my artwork. For my next piece in my “disfigurement and concealment”, I went to the library and printed out 5 images of deceased film actors. I took them back to the studio, where I then proceeded to cut out portions of their faces (eyes, ears, noses and mouths) and stuck them onto a piece of lining wallpaper. I wanted to stick them down using my double-sided tape, but I can’t find it at the moment. So, I had to borrow someone’s prick stick. I stuck down 6 images and will stick down more on Monday.


As for my other two masks, I’m still thinking about my options for the third, though I did make a start and drew all over it. It reminds me of the drawings of Dryden Goodwin.


As for the other one, I wanted to cover it in clay, to make it resemble someone with a tumor, but I decided to buy more icing and smear it all over and let it dry afterwards.

Overall, this was a very productive Saturday,as it allowed me to make up for Yesterday. Can’t wait to continue my work next Monday.


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