Contemporary art day 15-Kawaii and Power Point Presentation

Yesterday, I didn’t do any studio work, but I did do some work that relates to my unit. First, I went to the Kawaii art exhibition in the voyeur, next to reception. The theme of the exhibit is Japanese art, or more specifically, art that relates to cuteness and adorable things from Japan. Different artists used a variety of materials and methods to produce all the art on display, including a wire sculpture of a teddy bear, dyed paper that looks like cheery blossoms and sugar pastries in the form of flowers. I really like the display, very authentic and respectful to Japanese culture. As for how this relate to my unit, I have to do a review on the exhibition (as well as two more art-related shows) and do a presentation on at least one of them.

Here are some images from the show:

IMG_3563Sugar Roses, by Minako Nishiyama.

IMG_3579Claw, by Mina Okushata

For rest of the afternoon, I started work on a presentation of my current art practice. Fiona helped me by making a list of things I need to prepare for the presentation in two weeks: context of work, concept, what artist influenced me the most, why I chose my current theme and what I like about it. I made a start on it, but didn’t get very far.

I thought about my final outcome for my studio practice, but I’ve come up with nothing so far. However, last night, I knew what I wanted to do. For my final outcome, I need to get a mannequin head and “disfigure it” with paint and anything else I can get my hands on. I may need to buy another, just as a practice model.

Overall, not much work in studio, but at least I have an idea on what my final outcome will look like.


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