Contemporary art day 14-Drawing with straws

Today, I started my latest drawing project: Lower Depths. Named after the popular play of the same name, I had to cut out my two A3 photocopies of myself, stick them both onto the foam board, cut them out again and stick them together.

IMG_3552My cut-outs

IMG_3553 IMG_3554Both of my pictures stuck together

Once that was done, I had to fix them to the floor, sing several strips of the brown parcel tape. I then had to build a structure around my “little” figure and extend beyond its reach. This structure would be made out of straws and pieces of ply wood.

IMG_3556 IMG_3557As you can see, the ply wood is used to keep my structure steady.

Putting the straws together was not easy and I got frustrated (again). Fortunately, Kate was on hand to help and put the straws together for me, and I took over from there. Using the parcel tape, I stuck all the straws onto the back of my figure.

I also had to use a background to go with my structure, so I decided to use pieces from a picture of a fire and stick them on the tips of my straws. It was just as frustrating as arranging the straws, but I managed to finish before lunch time.

After lunch, we had another lecture, this time on the Great Depression and it’s effects on the populace. Our tutor, Paul, also talked about Fascism, Nazi symbol, Hitler and the many impersonations of him (Chaplin in the Great Dictator) , the horrors of Jewish prison camps and the reactions of artists during this dark time (Dali Picasso and Robert Hughes). It was by far the most enjoyable lecture I’ve had so far, and I was reminded of the dark times of the Nazi party and how art was affected during their regime.

After the lecture, we all had the option of going home or finishing our structures. I chose to finish mine. I decided to stick two pieces of a picture of iron railings and stick them onto the front of my straws. I want to achieve an industrial appearance and was going to paint the straws grey but Jossyln thought I was going to paint the railing to match the straws. It sounded like a better idea, so I decided to do that instead. Using blue, red and pink, I painted the railings to match the colour of the straws. This was the easiest (and easily most enjoyable) part of the project. I also stuck a large piece of ply wood to the back, in order to make my stand straighter. I wanted to add more straws, but I decided I’ve done enough for today.


Overall, not a bad day. Am nearing the end now, and I am confident I will have everything done in the next two weeks.


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