Guardians of the Galaxy

If you have been following my blog, you will have noticed that I have made up my own versions of popular fictional teams, from Suicide Squad to Seven Soldiers. Now, it time to introduce you to my line up for a non comic Guardians of the Galaxy team. It second only to Soldiers in terms of diversity. Enjoy.

PrimalOptimus Primal-leader (Beast Wars)

Fearless leader of the guardians, Optimus Primal not only has to safeguard the universe from ongoing threats, he must also control this bunch of misfits and psychopaths. But, considering what they have to face on a daily basis, ckeeping his crew in line is the least of his worries.

SamusSamus Aran-Second in command (Metroid)

As second-in-command, Samus is Optimus’s right hand woman. She is strong willed, determined and headstrong, often the first to volunteer for a mission, especially if it looks too dangerous for the others. Samus also has a compassionate side to her, as she cares deeply for her fellow guardians, particularly Peridot whom she share an almost big sister-little sister relationship. This attachment to the guardians stems from a tragic past: her family was killed by the space pirate Ripley, and to this day it still haunts her. Which why, no matter what, Samus won’t let anything happen to her family ever again.

PeridotPeridot-Intelligence officer (Steven Universe)

The youngest member of the team, Peridot is not to be underestimated. Despite her small size, Peridot is a accomplished engineer and scientist, often coming up with complex strategies during combat. Unfortunately, she is also extremely arrogant, believing that she is the most accomplished (and smartest) member, and even goes as far as to proclaim herself the leader on several occasions. However, while she won’t admit it, Peridot respects Primal greatly and looks up to Samus as a big sister. She also shares a sibling bond with Voss and Newtralizer, being very close with the latter.

VosQuinlan Voss-Wild card (Star Wars)

The hot-shot of the team, Quinlan Voss is always used to doing things “his way”, even when they go against Primal’s orders.

NewtNewtralizer-Muscle (TMNT)

Please leave any thoughts and suggestions in the comment box below.

Next Line up-Avengers!


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