Contemporary art day 13-Research and Scale

Today, I made great progress with my contemporary art unit. I continued my disfigurement paintings, using imagery from an Empire magazine and the internet. I also made progress on my artist research, having now researched the work of Dryden Goodwin, Douglas Gordon and Maurizio Anzeri. Each artist work reflects my current body of work in one way or another: Goodwin and his drawings over photographs, Maurizio and his Embroidering over vintage pictures, and Gordon’s methods of damaging the faces of people in pictures. They each take something established and alters/destroys it for various. artistic reasons.

I also managed to continue to write notes about the exhibition work from critique  week, though I need to finish it soon and focus on my current amount of work.

Finally, I finished that paper structure from my first drawing project, which was two weeks ago.

Looking at the work of the others, I may try to expand the scale of my work, perhaps enlarge an image of an actor and apply large amounts of paint over it, but not just brushstrokes but patterns and symbols. I will think about this more for the rest of the week.

Overall, I have ,made great with all my contemporary work, though I still need to go to and review 3 art exhibitions, produce a presentation of my work thus far and my influences, finish all my artist research and make more notes in my reflective journal.

IMG_3549 IMG_3550My latest disfigurement painting and my finished paper structure.


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