Contemporary art day 12-Progress in work.

I haven’t been feeling well for the last week. But, I had enough strength to go to the studio today and finally made progress with my art work. First, Amanda came round and talked to me about my current progress. I was so tired and frustrated, I just want to work, but Amanda gave me some good advice, and seeing all the others and their work, made me realize that I am far behind and need to get started. And today, I did.

First, I drew all over a photograph of a stranger that I took yesterday when I was getting  money out of the cash-point. I did it in a similar style to Dryden Goodwin, one of the artists I have to research for my unit.

IMG_3537As you can see, I drew from top to bottom. This drawing shows good use of tone from my pencil, as well as texture. It’s like am drawing a blue-print of the human body.

Afterwards, I bought some of the materials for this week’s drawing project. Tomorrow, I plan to buy the final items on my list, Indian ink and straws.

After lunch, I finally finished my paper structure from two weeks ago.

IMG_3539It’s not perfect, but I wanted something quick. Besides, I wanted to make something that resembles a pyramid and this comes close…somewhat.

For the rest of the afternoon, I continued my painted faces from yesterday. I decided to mix things up a bit by painting one face, and then stuck another face on top of it. his create a new, two-face type image, while one side is still painted.

IMG_3541 IMG_3542

I would have done more, but I decided to up one of the artists from the presentation yesterday, Maurizio Anzeri and his art is very similar to mine. I decided to emulate that style and the results were even better than I hoped.

For my last piece of work for the day, I emulated the style of another artist from the presentation Douglas Gordon. His style involves photographs of well-known people, and subjecting them to various states of damage (cut out eyes, smudged faces, and torn edges). It is very similar to the theme of my work, taking something in perfect condition and ruining it.

So, I went to the library, printed out a photograph of myself, photocopied it 4 times in the size of A3 and took it back tot he studio. Once back inside, I started to cut out bits and pieces from each photograph: first ym eyes, then my nose, my mouth and finally my face.


I made more progress with my work today, but I must do more in my free time, because my deadline is coming up in two weeks! Must hurry!


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