Contemporary art day 11-Five strategies for development

Started this morning off with another long talk (ugh!). Amanda talked to us about the five strategies of development: Scale & Monumentality, Materiality & Contingency, Appropriation & Ready-Made, Display & Presentation and Multiplicity & Repetition.

These factors are essentially in developing my outcome: my relationship with it, it’s size and scale and my own ambitions for it.

She also showed us a slide show presentation of artists who have shown clear understanding of the 5 strategies,. Among the artists we looked at (and where encouraged to research) were Lynda Benglis, Gabriel Orozco, Dora Maurer, Roni Horn and Douglas Gordon. Each work showed great usage and understanding of scale, space, composition and presentation. This will prove to be valuable for the development of my final outcome.

After lunch, I decided to continue my contemporary work, but I didn’t get very far. I tried to expand on my response to Albert Oehlen, but the results were not promising. Eventually, I decided to continue my actor disfigurement paintings from last week. I went to the library and printed off more images of well-known actors. I took them back to the studio and painted over all their faces with my acrylic paints.

IMG_3533 IMG_3534 IMG_3535

The results were good, though I need to stat using lighter colours in the future.

I also took pictures of myself for my next drawing project this Thursday. I also need to buy the following materials this week:

A1 sheet of foam board

A roll of brown tape and masking tape

A pack of straws and lollipop sticks

Medium sized bottle of Black Indian ink

PVA Glue

Overall, not a bad day.


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