Seven soldiers of victory

7 individuals. 7, different personalities and skill sets. One goal: protect the world from the most evil force ever imagined. And they have to do WITHOUT actually meeting each other. These are the Seven Soldiers of Victory.

Gargoyle    Goliath (Gargoyles)

A thousand-year old Gargoyle, Goliath sleeps in stone form during the day. But, when night descends, he awakens and soars through the night sky, fighting the forces of evil in order to protect the last of his kind. Calm and compassionate, but frighteningly fierce when angered, Goliath will only fight when there is no other option. And against what is to come, the guardian of the skies will have no choice but to raise to fight again.

FateSaber (Fate)

There is no one as noble, brave and courageous as Saber. The reincarnation of King Arthur, Saber is one of the greatest warriors to ever walk the Earth, but she remains ever humble. With dark forces rising, Saber takes up her sword, Excalibur, and prepares herself for battle.

MarcelineMarceline (Adventure Time)

Marceline the Vampire Queen has lived for a thousand years, doing what she does best: living free and having fun. But, now, she is forced into conflict against something far worse than anything she has ever faced. Still, unlike the most of the SOS, she will be the only one having fun while saving the world.

SpiritGenkai (Yu Yu Hakuso)

Don’t let her appearance fool you. Genkai is a master of martial arts, as well as one of the greatest spirit mediums, able to sense, harness and channel vast amount of spiritual energy for various uses, mainly combat. With just her finger, she can shoot a powerful blast of spirit energy that can punch a whole through the most powerful of enemies. Cynical, sarcastic and having no time for amateurs, Genkai will do what she must to save the world. However, she doesn’t have to like it.

GreedGreed (FMA)

Greed in name and in nature. An immortal homunculus, Greed wants every in this world: money, power, women and status.Among Greed’s powers include super strength, stamina and invulnerability. He can also coat his entire body in a powerful coating, which is impervious to any form of damage, earning him the nickname, “The Ultimate Shield”.

Arrogant, cocky,rude, selfish and cunning, Greed only fights for himself. However, he will put his life on the line to save the world from the forces of darkness. After all, the earth is his most prized “possession”.

Lapis LazuliLapis Lazuli (Steven Universe)

Trapped inside a mirror for thousands of years, Lapris isn’t thrilled at the prospect of saving the world. Shy, timid and emotionally unstable, Lapris Lazuli want nothing to do with the Earth. However, she will reluctantly fight, for the sake of her only friend, the person of saved from her imprisonment a young bot named Steven. Despite her timid nature, Lapris is more powerful than she looks. Able to manipulate water in all it’s forms, she can cause tidal waves, create constructs of all shapes and sizes and form wings from the gem stone on her back.

WolfWoodNicholas D. Wolfwood (Trigun)

A man of faith and compassion, Nicholas D. Wolfwood travels the land, preaching the message of god to those who will listen. He also carries a cross-shaped casket, which contains an assortment of firearms of all shapes and sizes. Nicholas is not only a man of god, but also an assassin, who will kill anyone for a price. However, all the money he receive goes directly to the orphanage where he was raised, which proves that he is not as heartless as his profession makes him out to be. Out of all the soldiers, he is the only human character among them, and his morality will be tested greatly against what is about to come.

NOTE: This concept is based on the works of Grant Morrison and DC comics. I don’t own anything. This is merely for entertainment value.


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