Plans for final 3 outcomes for contemporary art

As I’ve mentioned before, I have plans to produce 3 final outcomes for my contemporary art unit, come January. This weekend, I’ve thought about the 3 outcomes and what style of art I like to use for each one. Here are my initial ideas, though they are subject to change at some point:

  1. Photo-drawings: Based on the art style of Dryden Goodwin, I plan to take pictures of random strangers (front, back, and sides), print them off and draw detailed renderings of their facial features over the pictures. My final drawing will be of A3.
  2. Disfigurement paintings: This outcome will be based on the work of Urs Fischer. I will collect a series of pictures of well-known actors and paint over the faces. I may even go as far as to draw over them afterwards. The audience will have to guess who the actor is underneath all that paint. The theme of this is to take something perfect and distort it, basically disfiguring it.
  3. Collage and oil paint: Based on the paintings of Albert Oehlen, I will produce several collage backgrounds, made from imagery from magazines and paint over them. I will put a strong emphasis on broad brush strokes and tone of colour.

I might expand to do one more outcome, perhaps one involving screen-printing or plastering. Like I said, plans can chance and my plans may change the next week. We will have to wait and see.


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