Contemporary Art day 9 and 10-Drawing, black tape, Fisbourne and paint

I know this post should cover my work from yesterday, but unfortunately, I was very ill, so I couldn’t go in on Wednesday, but I felt a bit better on Thursday and went in for the next phase of my drawing project.

I still need to finish my previous task from last week, but for this week, I needed to use my roll of black carpet tape for a special kind of drawing. Using the light from a projector, I had to cover the shadow that was cast with several strips of black tape. I had to do this in a group, and together we taped every part of the shadow.

IMG_3508As you can see, this was a fun task to do. Despite the fact that I was still a bit ill, I had loads of fun with this. Jocelyn, who was part of my group, took it a step further and taped my shadow on the wall. It’s like we “captured” my own shadow. Before we could go any further, our tutor stopped us and had us move onto the next task: tape 2 sheets of line wallpaper to the wall and write down several adjective words that best describes your work> Kate bought me two rolls of line paper on Wednesday, so I didn’t need to worry. I wrote several words down that I think suit my recent batch of work well.

After lunch, we had another lecture on Modernism and it’s relevance, but this time, it was about how artists used “spaces” in their work (negative space, small space, large, etc). It was very informative and would be featured heavily in our next project for the day.

Using several sheets of line paper ,we had to write 2 or 3 words and then leave it for other to see respond with words of their own (Ice-fire, broken-fixed, madness-sanity). I wrote on several sheets of wall paper in the classroom, writing down a response to a certain word I saw on each sheet. I enjoyed it. IMG_3515

Afterwards, we had another lecture, this time by well-known American artist and film maker, Doug Fishbourne. I talked to us about how he got into art, several of his films and projects (he and a group of artists once designed a controversial golf course, which included a miniature Hitler as one of the golf posts) and gave us some great advice on how to pitch one of your ideas to a curator.

It was a fun lecture, but it ran for two hours (4-6). Too long for my taste.

For today, I managed to finish my brown tape model of my mask.

IMG_3517Not the most accurate depiction of my mask, but close enough.

I tried to finish my paper structure, but couldn’t get the thin parts of it to stand up right. I decided to give it up for today. I had another meeting with Fiona and she encouraged me to look at my timetable more often, as it will help me manage my time and work load better.

For the rest of the afternoon, I decided to work on my contemporary project for the contemporary art brief. I hope to develop it more in the coming week. The theme of my project is “disfigurement and concealment”. Basically, I print off images/pictures of well-known actors and paint over their faces, so the audience has to guess who it is underneath. This stems from comments one of my tutors made about my collage on my wall,a s well as my early foundation work.

IMG_3519Here’s a hint as to who these actors are: one is a well-known “professional pirate” and the other forces his students to take part in the “original Hunger Games”, before Hunger Games even came out.

I plan on looking up examples of artists who have “disfigured” the faces of famous celebrities in their work. In fact, my examples reminds me of the work of a well-known artist, but I can’t remember who it is. I might come to me over the weekend.


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