Contemporary art day 7-3-D and Response critique

The morning started with another talk (getting real tired of these talks). The tutor talked to us about the morning group critiques on our responses, as well as a reminder on our upcoming drawing project on this Thursday. I have to finish the 3-D modeling for the drawing project, as well as brings in two sheets of lining wallpaper and marker pens.

First, I had my group critique, where I had to critique the response work of other students. Here are pictures of the work I had to look at and crit:

IMG_3488 IMG_3491 IMG_3492 IMG_3494Top right: Jocelyn’s black circle, produced by painting a circle on a bundle of news paper. Top-left: A dream-like comic strip, with dialogue, drawn on the wall. Bottom: Photographs of one students having her critique work destroyed.

IMG_3499This student’s work consists of bundle of plaster casts, which resemble a bundle of bodies.

The art from each student was really good, very diverse and brimming with innovative thinking. My favorite piece was the one student who chronicled her own work being destroyed by herself and others. It’s a deconstruction of recording the progress of an artist’s work, but it is also art in itself. She shows how easy it is to take apart something you have created, and making new art from it. If I could suggest a change, it would be to take pictures of the piece before destroying it, to compare and contrast.

When they got to one of my responses, my Dryden Goodwin responses, they were drawn more to the collage than the line drawings. They loved the collage, reminding them of something Hannah Hoch would make, as well as the elephant man. My tutor was particularly impressed with how I mixed my response with the collage, as I “disfigured” the image by drawing on it. It reminded me of my early foundation work, where I disfigured several pictures and images of people from magazines and newspaper. This was based on the macabre artwork of the Chapman Brothers. I like the comparison to Hannah, and I may expand this into one of my final projects.

After the critique, me and Kate went to get the lining wallpaper, but could find in the pounds or Argos. The only place that might have them is homeland, but it was a 20 minute walk, so we out it off. Kate said she would buy some tomorrow. During lunch, I bought two marker pens from the art shop and went back to the studio to try to continue my 3-D work. In addition to making a 3-D version of my mask, I also had to make a model of it out of my roll of brown tape and a structure out of the cut out scraps of paper left over when I cut my pictures from them. I tried to make my 3-D mask and model, but found both to be two difficult. Instead, I spent the rest of the afternoon working on my structure.

IMG_3502 IMG_3503As you can see, I’ve made some progress with the structure. My initial plan is to make a pyramid out of the scraps, but those plans may still change. We’ll have to wait and see.

Not a bad day, but am getting very tired of this 3-D work and wish we could get to the drawing already.


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